Into High Country

Into High Country will feature, what we feel is the widest array of compelling hunting yet to be seen on television. Each year, our episodes will feature from our home in Montana; spring turkey (bow and shotgun), spring black bear (bow & rifle), antelope( bow & rifle), whitetail deer (bow & rifle), mule deer ((bow & rifle), elk (bow & rifle), Shiras moose, and mountain lion. In addition, we will also frequently feature hunts from Montana and B.C. for mountain goat, bighorn sheep, stone sheep, caribou, wolf, grizzly bear, and Canadian moose. Currently we have more than 55 separate hunts that are available for use on Into High Country, and we are constantly adding new high quality material for the show. Together, with our sponsors we hope to collaborate with a joint goal of airing the most compelling, authentic, and highest quality hunting program in television. We continue to work with the best, to produce a unique medium in which to showcase great brands and western hunting TV, the way it was meant to be.

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