Zing Outdoor Productions

zing 2 dvd coverZing Outdoor Productions was started by Jason Matzinger. Jason was born and raised in Montana. Ever since he was young he has spent every spare moment in the woods. While working as a professional guide for elk, whitetail, mule deer and antelope he realized the value of capturing good wildlife footage. He was instantly hooked on hunting with a camera from then on. His past adventures and undying passion for filming has helped to make Zing a huge success. Zing was started in 2009 by a few hunting enthusiasts who were sick & tired of watching the same old hunting shows. They realized that what they saw as a team in a single hunting season could make for some awesome hunting video action! Born and raised in Montana the Zing teams undying love for the outdoors has helped their video’s set a new standard for hunting videos today!Season two is now upon us and things couldn’t look better. We had a great hunting season this year going from Nevada in August, to Northern B.C. in September. We bought new cameras this year and the footage looks awesome! Long winter nights are being spent in the editing room getting ready to release Zing vol. 2! If you liked Zing 1 you will love Zing 2! You’ll see Turkey, Black Bear, Canadian moose, Mountain Caribou, Whitetail, Elk, Antelope, and much more!Zinglogo